As mentioned in many other articles, backlinks are a very important issue when it comes to ranking in search engines. Therefore, virtually any webmaster looking for ways to expand its backlink structure. There are now many, more or less dubious, services in the network, which offer a wide range of backlinks.

In this article, I would like to address the following questions. What is a backlink from structure? How to build a good backlink structure? Why is not advisable to simply buy backlinks?What is a backlink from structure?

Backlinks are very important for search engines. The more backlinks a website has the better. However, something else also is very important – the PageRank of the site from which the backlink is coming. Simply put, a backlink from a PageRank 4 site is much more value than a backlink from a PageRank 1 page.

That gives you roughly how the backlink structure looks like a website. Mostly there are very many back links from PR 0 sites, slightly less of PR1 websites PR2 websites of something less, and so on. The better the content of their site, the more back links from sites with a higher PR you will get. That is in the nature of things. However, of course the backlink structure is not always the same. There are definitely sites that differ dramatically from that structure.

In addition, that may have different reasons. Take, for example, the website “”. The Backlink Checker X4D 153 PR 1 backlinks are displayed for this website. But also 684 PR 4 website backlinks.

How to build a good backlink structure? There are three methods. Here is a description of these options. Method 1 is the hardworking content creation. The more high quality and unique content your website has, the more it is linked. This takes time, but the effort is definitely worth it. The more backlinks in this way build up the better the ranking of the website. You just have to invest time and constantly expand and improve its content.

Method 2 is to buy backlinks. Of course, you can also buy backlinks, sometimes at surprisingly affordable prices.
Method 3 is the exchange of backlinks. Often you can also exchange links.


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