In my today’s article, I would like to address the question: “What is Content? “ At the same time, I want to show a connection between the content of a website and between the readers. Why Content has something to do with the readership of a site?

Duplicate Content

We accept the kinds of “bad” content once anticipated. Duplicate content should be known to every webmaster. If an item or piece of information turns up hundreds of times on the Internet, then it is called duplicate content. Duplicate content is not highly valued by search engines. In this case, the reference to the original page is required.

Press releases can be described as “content” in good conscience. However, he is not nearly as valuable as unique content. Unique Content describes the exact opposite of duplicate content. It is an article or information that exists only once in this form on the Internet. This should be the question “What is Content”.Duplicate content can be find with services like Copyscape. Therefore, you can defend your rights!

Unique Content – How do I do that?

On the question “What is Content?” Certainly, it already has certainly been written by another blogger. Therefore, this article also duplicate content. On the other hand, so one might argue. However, the fact is that for search engines this is unique content. Why? First, the article does not give word exactly is equal to another. Second, I describe here my view of things. Thus, I offer a content that only I can show that. Because no one else knows my opinion on this subject. The unique content can be generated by some other tricks. Many bloggers offer for example in interviews. An interview has the advantage that it always offers good and valuable unique content. In addition, guest article on blogs are a good way to get content.


There are several ways to fill his site with content. Many bloggers, including myself, to write their own content, but on larger websites that may not be possible anymore. There is still the possibility to resort to selling unique content.


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