If your website has been running for some time and then slowly settles a regular stream of visitors with about 50 visitors / day you have the chance make it successful. Register free and you can accommodate text link ads on your homepage you by Google AdSense.

These can be colour perfectly to your home page. The big advantage of Google AdSense in contrast to normal Affiliate links is that Google ads are geared specifically to the content of your website.Specifically, this means: Is it on your side to fish and aquarium are at the ads probably mainly links to online stores that sell something like this is displayed. Although you should make sure that really themed ads appear, but the impact can be limited.

The best places for advertising these are below the navigation, either on the left under the main vertical navigation or directly under the vertical navigation. The very best place is directly above the actual content area, or within the content.

After logging in you can already create your first ad, that is colour-adjust and select the size. Then Google created a JavaScript code you simply at the desired location on your page.

You are paid for every valid click on the ads. Click themselves so bring nothing, but rather exclusion from the program, Google remembers something like that! How much each click brings you can never predict, it depends on what the ad buyers are willing to pay.The merit of course also depends on the content and the ads associated together, but normally should come together up to $ 5 in a month.

Therefore, that would be just under 4 euros, with which you can easily pay the hosting of the month.One thing is surely clear: the more visitors, the more clicks, the more merit in AdSense.

The “problem” to AdSense is that the payout occurs only above $ 100. With a salary of $ 5 a month, the first payment would thus take place after about 2 years. Expenditure: 24 times € 2.99 = € 71.76 webhosting, revenue: 24 times $ 5 = $ 120 ~ 96 €.Over time, you will get more and more visitors, and then you can consider other strategies on how to earn some money through these visitors.


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